Educational History:

I grew up in New York and moved to California at 18, graduating from the University of California Santa Cruz with a B.A. in Psychology and minors in Sociology and Creative Writing. I also attended a year of design school at the Art Institute of California Santa Monica in order to hone my design skills. My extreme logic skills and attention to detail have allowed me to teach myself how to build and repair computers and networks, write code, build websites, and troubleshoot technology and software issues of all kinds.

Work History:

I began working on computers while working for a subsidiary of Xerox in San Francisco in 1986 where I taught myself how to create new computer software systems to streamline paperwork and greatly reduce processing time. I went from temp to autofleet manager in 15 months where I oversaw over 500 cars at 28 divisions. One system I designed reduced the time it took to order new company cars from 2 months to 2 minutes. I also helped them increase productivity by greatly reducing employee down time while reducing repair costs by over $1 million a year. My changes also turned a loss of $1,500 per car at end of life into a profit of $1,500 per car.

In 1988, I moved back to NY and founded a software company, The WritePro Corporation, with my parents, in order to turn my father's wide ranging knowledge as a successful book publisher, world-renowned editor, award winning writer and teacher of fiction writing into software to teach and assist writers. We created fiction writing lessons called WritePro and 3 sets of writer's tools. After 2 years I moved back to California to live in LA while continuing to run the software business as C.O.O. until my father licensed the software to another company in 1993.

While running WritePro:

  • I designed the software
  • Managed the programmers and debugged their code
  • Tested the software
  • Created the database system to run the company and track inventory
  • Manufactured the product making sure to keep costs below 3% of the retail price
  • Designed ads and helped create the content
  • Created an automated accounting system to produce the P&L statements
  • Oversaw order fulfillment
  • I also provided reliable customer service which lead to a less than 1% return rate.

In 3 years, when only 10% of people had computers and the internet was not widely used, we grew the business to over 100,000 users in 38 countries.


In 1993, I started working as a freelance computer consultant and graphic designer and did one long term graphic design assignment for PAE in downtown LA designing huge government proposals.

I have gathered clients of all types including Law firms, small businesses of all types, households and even taught myself how to setup digital x-ray systems and tooth printing systems for dentists when they transitioned from having to develop x-rays in a dark room.

I never worry about what I don't know because I am a quick learner and an expert at finding information and answers. My body of knowledge now includes over 30 years of hands on experiences. No book or school can teach you that.

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