Consulting Services

Services Provided (Windows, Macintosh, Android, iOS and WiFi and Bluetooth):

  • Computers, Tablets, and Smart phones
  • Audio/Video Systems, Smart TVs, WiFi and Bluetooth devices
  • Smart Home devices including Security Cameras and DVRs

  • Remote Support - so I can deal with many problems immediately without coming to you.
  • Technology and Software Purchase Consulting
  • Hardware, Software and Network Troubleshooting
  • Hardware and Data Security and Protection
  • Android and iPhone setup, support, data synchronization and troubleshooting
  • Audio/Video system troubleshooting and improvements including bluetooth integration. Setup receivers and amps to play audio from cell phones.
  • Custom Built Desktop Computers - Guaranteed faster and more durable than comparably priced off-the-shelf computers
  • Virus and Malicios Software Removal
  • WiFi Analysis and Improvement - high speed response for wireless doorbells and security cameras
  • Wireless doorbell and security camera planning, installation, and setup (cameras require electrician as well if not replacing an existing spotlight)
  • Wired security camera planning and installation
  • Computer Productivity Optimization
  • Computer and Software Personalized Training
  • Website Design and Maintenance
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Logo and Print Design including CD and DVD Artwork
  • Photo, Video and Sound Editing
  • Digital x-ray and tooth printing systems setup and maintenance.
  • and much more...

How I Operate:

  • I am a natural systems analyst and problem solver. Everyone encounters problems and obstacles in life. I am focused on finding solutions for small businesses and homeowners.

  • For businesses, I look long term and believe that if your business succeeds I succeed so I never overcharge and make every effort to keep your business running smoothly and get it back up quickly when things go wrong.

  • For homeowners, I strive to give you the results you want and the peace of mind that I am only a call away to fix most computer issues within minutes. If you have wireless security, I make sure that you get the response time that you need for camaras and doorbells.

  • For everyone, I strive to get you the right equipment for your needs and the right solutions to protect it.

  • Because I am an expert systems analyst and problem solver, I go into businesses and homes and not only fix the obvious problems, but point out ways that they can improve performance, safety, security and productivity. My great attention to detail allows me to find clues that other people miss so that I can resolve problems that the manufacturers do not have answers for. I look at each client's needs, find ways to make their lives easier, and teach them anything they wish to know, even things that I do not know before they ask me. My clients know they can call me with any technical need or problem and I will find the answers they need and/or teach them what they need to know.

  • I am a perpetual learner. For me life is all about the continued pursuit of knowledge and personal growth. I enjoy helping others and finding answers to problems. I believe in respecting my client's privacy and protecting their data and hardware. My clients know they can rely on me to fix almost any issue they encounter.

  • I always treat people with kindness and am known for my exceptional patience and understanding when working with non-technically-minded people. Because of this, I have clients that have stayed with me for decades, and I am often treated like family and get invited to holiday dinners.

  • I believe that the world is always a better place when we help each other. If you think I can help you, don't hesitate to ask, and when it comes to technology purchases, always ask me before you buy so we can make sure that you get the right high quality equipment for your needs at the best price.

I strive to bring you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have someone who can analyze any problem or need that you have and find an answer for you, often within a few minutes.

Get Remote Support Software (as instructed by Dave)

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