"For over 20 years David Stein has been the only person I can trust with my computers and all its information. All my computers are custom made by David. I’m especially happy with my “music computer” that has over 3,000 albums stored and are backed up automatically on a separate drive. The computer runs so smoothly that I’ve been able to watch mlbtv.com without any lags or stutters.

Without a doubt, David is the best person for the job. He’s conscientious, diligent and always looking for the best solution, which sometimes is not the way a “Geek Squad member” would even approach it."
-John Hart, John Wm. Hart III Insurance Agency, Inc.

"Dave has been my IT manager for all of my business and household computer needs for over a decade. Dave builds great computers, gives me good recommendations for any technology I need, and sets up my networks including high end WiFi for my home wireless security cameras. He has made sure that my home and office are well protected, efficient, and my data is secure. He responds to problems quickly and always finds an answer for any problem I encounter."
-Anthony Rescigno, Law Offices of R. Thomas Wire

"David Stein is a world class computer technologist. For over 10 years he has been my go to person for computer and technology related issues. Our relationship started when David upgraded a laptop I needed for a year while living and working in Ghana. After returning to the U. S., he continued to addressed my technology needs. He has the capacity to listen to the concern and to address the problem . David is also a problem solver and he is willing to assist his clients in maintaining their computers. David's goal is to insure his clients feel competent in utilizing technology. I have also referred several friends a and colleagues to him for professional services.
David is an expert when it comes to computer technology. He is patient and good at troubleshooting, and assisting you with any problem. He makes himself available to provide service. In fact, he assisted me with a problem while he was vacationing in South Africa. Yes, he is reliable.
-Martha M. Watson, LCSW, March 2019

"I feel very fortunate to have had a good friend refer me to David for computer help. I needed a slide show done on a Mac to be converted to a Power Point presentation. Sounds simple, but the music did not cooperate. David did it remotely. Next I needed a wifi enhancement to make my Ring door bell video feature operate in a timely manner. David selected the hardware needed and did the installation. While at my home he upgraded our computer security software. He is a jack of all trades and a master of all things related to computers. My wife and I highly recommend David."
-Alan and Kay Bloore

"I heartily recommend the services of David Stein for set up, repair or maintenance of Microsoft or IMac systems. Dave has been my exclusive "go-to" guy for all of my computer needs for over a decade. Dave is reliable, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with."
-Ken Boros

"I highly recommend David Stein. He is extremely competent,intelligent and always demonstrates great patience. He is a master problem solver. David is imbued with extraordinary integrity. He always goes the extra mile for all his clients." 
-Joe Sala

"David Stein has done a wonderful job working on the computers for our small business. He shows up on time, does what he says he will do and outlines the cost in advance. If hardware or upgrades are needed he provides logical choices for any budget. He is a great problem solver and is highly recommended!" 
-Michael Patris

"David is tenacious and creative in figuring out what's ailing a computer (and other tech and gadgets) and how to fix it, while always working to save his clients from over-spending." 
-Frances Anderton

"David came to my attention on this website and I was so pleased to FINALLY find someone to help me with ALL my frustrating and costly technology issues. The list is too long to include everything he's fixed, changed and taught me. He even assembled a bar cart I was about to return because it had about 85 pieces. He also hid all my wires for computers, TV, lamps, charging stations, and even a digital picture frame.
David is a fascinating young man with a wealth of wisdom in so many different areas. I've even changed my eating habits since I first met him. Now I'm looking forward to substantial reductions in my internet, TV, phone bills, and who knows what else because of all the changes he's made.
The description of "consultant" doesn't nearly describe David Stein!!!! " 
-Sally DeVore

"David has been a lifesaver for us. When the frustration of most things tech sets in, and you’re ready to throw your hands up and scream, call David!!!
I want to thank David for his help in setting up my audio system at a fraction of the cost Geek Squad wanted to charge.
He did a great job of giving me options on the speakers and components that would work best, and he came ( masked for safety) and installed everything quickly and properly. I’m happy to finally have music streaming in my yard. It’s a beautiful thing. Thanks to David.
I highly recommend calling him before you waste your money buying things that may be unnecessary and overpriced. He’s a great guy and does good work ! " 
-Michael Cohen

"David Stein Consulting. Rescued my computer and recovered old data that I had thought was lost forever. Highly recommended!" 
-Janet Jarvits

"David Stein Consulting. David Stein is the only person you need to contact for anything having to do with computers, although he is not limited to computers. He is honest, principled, kind and upfront with cost. His knowledge is extensive and not restricted to computers. He just built an extraordinary computer for me. For those of you old enough to remember, my old computer was like a Corvair; my new one is a Corvette, even possibly a Ferrari. You will not be disappointed!" 
-Jeannne S.

"Dave Stein is great - he is persistent and stays with a problem until he finds a solution!" 
-Tim Wendler

"David Stein has been taking care of my home and business computer system for many years. He is knowledgeable, experienced, capable, and reliable. His pricing is quite reasonable. He's also a very decent man." 
-Robert Goon

"Dave is very knowledgeable, professinal, and honest guy." 
-Cristina Torrez

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